I don’t hate any race of people, and it pains me to wake up to other young people being misled to believe I do. I am for unity and equality.


Iggy Azalea

Me chief, you Indian. I speak, you listen.” - Iggy Azalea

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I used to like her, and when I see things like this I start to dislike her more :/

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No forget about the “slave master,” line!!!

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I need her to fizzle out and die. I blame the niggas that fuck ugly ass meth-head looking white girls and give them hood passes.

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Looking at the bespoke pieces from @gildapearl …oh how this needs to be in my wardrobe! 🙌 #gildapearl #glamour (at Faire Frou Frou)


Looking at the bespoke pieces from @gildapearl …oh how this needs to be in my wardrobe! 🙌 #gildapearl #glamour (at Faire Frou Frou)


Living with mental illness means that on some days it will be even harder to cope and you might not be able to explain why. It could be because you havent slept enough, because a smell reminded you of feeling sad, or for no reason at all.

This is a reminder that we dont have to justify our feelings or abilities to anyone, just do whats needed to make it to the next day.


Me today. I’m in a very Halloween mood. It’s September 7th. I may have a problem and I don’t even care.

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Remember when I blindly hated Russel Brand? I fucked up.

I love this man.

I fucking love Russell Brand.

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Animals that are unbelievably awesome.

are you KIDDING that last picture is so full of ACTION and DRAMA why aren’t we talking about it


Oh look, it’s me

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psychotic =/= evil

psychotic =/= violent

psychotic =/= killer

psychotic = relating to a mental illness that includes hallucinations, delusions and paranoia as symptoms

NOT morally depraved, NOT bloodthirsty, NOT bad, JUST mentally ill

No! Ive been through aaalll the online help pages and quite literally nothing fits... the only thing thats possible is stree *but* because I cant pin whats stressing him I cant do anything about it :/ gonna consider one of those kitty calming plug ins

Yeah they usually work pretty good, if it carries on I’d be tempted to just have him checked at the vets because sometimes unusual behaviour can be a sign that they’re poorly especially in older cats.

But the chances are he’s just being a dick :P xox


Still quite a bit left to do, but it’s really coming together! I like the colors in this dress so much more then my red and white version. I think it looks a lot less juvenile and way more magical. 

It’s made from organza and chiffon with a tulle overlay and $60 of fake flowers.

I have information about how I’m making it here! And a video about it here

"She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that’s important—you know "
— Marilyn Monroe

Important things-
Riot Grrrl
Punk Rock
Being happy
Loving yourself above all else